Corrus is a new team collaboration and work management application developed by Newgen Software. Corrus enables remote teams to centralize their activities in one place so that users can more effectively work on complex projects, communicate on tasks, and stay on top of their teams' work progress. Teams across all business functions use Corrus for online collaboration and work management.

I was approached by the Corrus team to help improve the user experience of their beta app as it was not testing well with internal users. The first thing I did was to interview a few current users of the app as well as perform a design audit, focusing on key user journeys. The interviews/audit revealed a confusing mental model, inconsistent use of labels for key concepts, an overly complex navigation scheme, convoluted interactions and a poorly executed visual ui design (i.e outdated metaphors for icons etc.)

Based on the audit findings, my recommendation was to abandon the current flawed design and re-architect the entire app experience. Utilizing insights from the design audit as well as user research, we selected a key user journey (case creation) and began the redesign process. Once we had established a few core user journeys, we developed and applied a new visual ui design language that extended the product's brand identity. Via an agile process we added new user journeys and features to our foundation and eventually completed the entire app redesign for both desktop and mobile.

Working with a remote team based in India, I acted as the design lead on the project. I partnered with a product manager and task managed two other designers as well as worked collaboratively with the front-end dev team. We rolled out the new app 14 months after we had initiated the redesign. Response has been very positive with an upward trend in new customer sign ups month over month. Notably, ESPN and Kodak are currently running pilot programs of Corrus.

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