Houzz is an online destination that showcases inspiring home product, design and decor ideas, as well as being an amazing resource to find design and construction professionals when working on home renovation projects.

I connected with the team at Houzz and worked on both Marketplace and Industry design projects. First up was to create a new Houzz Gift Card purchase experience. This included creating a new custom product detail page as well as shopping cart and checkout pages. The gift card features the option to email to a recipient or print the gift card at home as well as the ability to gift a card to multiple recipients.

Next was to stream line and improve the onboarding experience for new professionals joining the Houzz platform. Among the many design refinements, notable items included the redesign of the basic info collection page with the specific ability to catch errors when submitting an incomplete phone number, improving the user profile photo upload experience, simplifying the Houzz advertising offer funnel, and polishing the last step in the flow to intice new pros to upload images and create their first Houzz project.

Other work included highlighting a Free Shipping value prop across product gallery, product detail pages and adding the ability to gift a product and include a custom message in the shopping cart - all work included flows across desktop, mobile web, iOS and Android.

Houzz Website

UX/Visual UI - Design Lead

Houzz Inc.